Grounded, A Coffee Company is a full-service coffee solution.

What this means is that our on-site service includes refilling the machine with all consumable products, cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, performing preventative maintenance, and in the event of a malfunction, repairing or replacing the machine promptly.

Superior service and satisfaction are our biggest strengths.



There are many options available when it comes to how we price out our coffee service.

The easiest and most popular method is to charge on a per cup basis (the more you drink, the cheaper each cup becomes). By choosing this method, you only pay for the actual drinks consumed. This is the most popular method to price our services, and is the option that we suggest for most of our clients.

Other pricing options are available for those interested.


At Grounded A Coffee Company, we believe the quality of our coffee, and the service we provide does not require any contract to be signed. If a contract for a stated period is preferred, we are more than happy to make such an arrangement.

With that being said, while there is no true contract required, we do provide a service agreement highlighting basic terms including pricing of beverages and care of the machines. We do not have cancellation fees, and we do not lock you in for a set term. Either party is able to cancel the agreement with two weeks’ notice.


No more wasted coffee. Traditional coffee pots result in old, stale coffee poured down the drain by the gallon. We have all done it, but rarely add up the cost of all that discarded coffee. Our coffee system produces each cup on demand, fresh from the bean with no waste whatsoever.

By having our Office Coffee Service, you are providing a significant benefit to your bottom line. The key to any businesses’ profitability is the productivity of its employees. Today’s workforce wants high quality coffee. If not available in the workplace, they will leave the place of business to get it. Our coffee system provides your staff with the beverages they want right in your workplace, saving hours of employee productivity every week.

Good coffee at work equals happy, productive staff, which means savings for you.



  • No cost for the Italian designed and manufactured espresso dispensing systems equipment
  • No hidden costs – you pay only for what you consume
  • No contracts to sign (in most instances)
  • No cancellation charges (two weeks notice)
  • No storage for products-we provide ‘Just in Time’ delivery
  • No charge for regular weekly cleaning and maintenance service
  • Environment Friendly: No land fill/Low energy consumption


  • No work for staff – coffee at the press of a button
  • No staff downtime cleaning up – we do all of that
  • Our price for each cup is up to 75% less than similar blends available at leading coffee retailers and fine restaurants

*On two cups of coffee per day, an individual can save over $1200.00 per year and the company benefits with increased productivity as ‘coffee runs’ decrease.