The only way to have whole bean freshness is to grind whole beans fresh for every cup you drink, and that is just what we do! Our “one touch” coffee machines deliver a wide selection of freshly made (and ground) beverages, all ready in seconds, with the touch of a button.

Grounded A Coffee Company Ltd. is pleased to offer quality equipment, made in Italy, to dispense great tasting coffee. As well, the discriminating care we take in choosing the perfect coffee beans inside our coffee/cappuccino machines sets us apart from other office coffee services.


Our company purchases coffee beans from a local, award-winning coffee roaster that craft-roasts their coffee beans.  We do not look at a “best before” stamp on the package, but rather a decal that sets forth the exact day, month and year the coffee beans inside the package have been roasted.  The freshness of the roast (a key part of craft-roasting) does reflect itself when the coffee served to you in our machines achieve that inviting aroma and delicious flavour.  A great cup of coffee is when you take the second sip immediately after the first! So satisfying! 

In addition, the coffee used at Grounded A Coffee company is carefully sourced and traded.  The particular espresso blend recommended to our clients has coffee beans that come from farms in Brazil, Columbia and Sumatra and is set at a medium roast level.  This particular espresso blend has won a Silver Medal Golden Bean Award (2017 Nashville, Tennessee).

We are committed to providing the best possible cup of coffee for our clients.


Our mission is to provide you with the products and brands you like the best. We have access to many nationally recognized brands as well as specialty products. It is your choice! You choose your favourite beverages:

Mochaccino – Cappuccino – Bold Coffee – Mild Coffee – Latte – Espresso – Double Espresso – French Vanilla – Vanilla Latte – Hot Chocolate – Chai Tea Latte – Hazelnut – English Coffee – Eggnog Latte – Pumpkin Spice Latte – Plus many other possible options


At Grounded A Coffee Company, it is our mission to bring our many customers the products and brands they like the best. We have access to many nationally recognized brands as well as specialty products from local roasters.

We have developed alliances with various local coffee roasters. When in doubt, we are more than happy to make recommendations on espresso blends our customers can try. We are very open to your preferences when it comes to the various types of coffee blends. It is your choice!