Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Ed Neufeld has had a variety of occupations from painter to school teacher. Realizing a transition from teaching was approaching, he pondered and researched what that “something else” could be.

It was that first taste of a Mochachino from the Italian-made coffee machines that started him on the journey to become a small-business operator. He began a new adventure, with his son, to start a coffee company that places high-end coffee/cappuccino machines in companies and organizations across the Lower Mainland.

Ed realized that good coffee can be hard to find, and nothing is more disappointing than a bad cup of coffee!  Being passionate about serving excellent coffee, Ed concluded that the product being dispensed from his equipment needed to be of the highest quality.  That is when a business alliance was forged with a local award-winning coffee roaster. This partnership has been maintained to this day, and allows Ed to provide the highest quality coffee to all of his clients.


Grounded A Coffee Company was also started to provide an employment opportunity for Ed’s son who has learning challenges. It is hoped, that as the company grows, we will be able to provide additional job opportunities for individuals who face similar challenges in life.

From the very beginning, Grounded A Coffee Company has been about a family that is always serving their very best – friendly, consistent, timely service providing that first delicious sip of your favourite coffee beverage. The proof is in the taste!


Supporting our client’s local communities is important to us.  Our clients receive a “give back” of 5% of coffee sales to invest into their preferred charities.  Our Give Back Program allows those who drink our coffee and other specialty beverages to feel good; that in a small way, their daily cup of coffee is making a difference in their community.

Being environmentally friendly is extremely important to us.  Using our machines means that no containers or filters, that are non-biodegradable, end up in landfill sites.  The coffee/cappuccino machine produces compressed “coffee pucks” that are collected in a waste container.  These are regularly removed and mixed in compost collection boxes.  The resulting waste becomes a very effective garden fertilizer that works particularly well for growing tomatoes. Additionally, we do encourage our clients to use ceramic or reusable mugs to further minimize the amount of waste generated.

Creating a win-win relationship is our primary goal.  Knowing that our clients are enjoying a great coffee or beverage daily, allowing them to feel energized and valued, makes us happy!  Our machines are carefully serviced weekly and monitored daily should any concern arise.  We intend to make you happy with every cup provided by Grounded A Coffee Company!